How to Make Your Woman Want Your Load

sperm-34808_640Anybody that has been in a long term relationship will have eventually got to the part of proceedings where the sexual chemistry has waned. It is not uncommon. Let me clue you into a little secret here, just because it isn’t happening, that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want it to.
Rule number one: Forget what you think you know

She may not have put on stockings and suspenders, that does not mean that she doesn’t want to jump on your pole. Women aren’t like men, they don’t catch one glimpse of a side boob on an advert for a moisturizer and suddenly decide that they just have to have you now (don’t feel bad, we’ve all been there). But that doesn’t mean that they don’t want your steaming hot load inside them, they do, it just takes more stimulus for them to realize it.

Rule number two: They aren’t a piece of meat!

You can treat them that way once you are in the “zone” but getting her to the point where she wants to fuck your brains out is the key, right? Men watch too much porn. We are led to believe that any damsel in distress that wants a promotion, or her washing machine fixed is going to fall out of her top and bounce gleefully up and down on your rock hard member; unless you look like Brad Pitt or are a very talented hypnotherapist that isn’t going to happen. Make her feel sexy, run her a bath, give her a massage. You need to get your woman to a state where she can forget about her stresses and then, only then, can she think about other things, you know, like fucking your brains out!

Rule number three: Do unto others

Have you ever been getting a blow job from a woman and she looks up at you with a face that says she wants to devour your cock? That she wants to take a load in her mouth? you have? It’s the sexiest feeling in the world, right? You may have experienced the opposite too. You are there pumping away and she has a face that says she would rather be watching a soap opera. Unless you are totally shit in bed (and that’s cool, some of us are!) you will probably be a little “put off” by this. Women feel the same way. They want to make their man excited. They want that sense of achievement. Seeing they are turning you on will turn them on. so let them know. Be interested.

Rule number four: Don’t fire the rifle when you first see the stag!

You have a hair trigger? Don’t worry about it, most of us do. Pull it out and do something else: go down on her, kiss her and finger her, anything that avoid contact with your cock. Yes, she wants you to shoot a big load all over her face, but not before she’s climaxed and really she wants it to happen at the same time as her. Don’t be too eager try and arrive together! This will keep your woman coming back for more.

Why Women Love to See a Big Bulge in Your Pants

big-penis-1238713_640It seems these days that men everywhere are looking for new ways to catch the eyes of increasingly independent women. Some are constantly working out, others are tanning, waxing, preening, and whitening their teeth to show off their features. It’s possible that men will soon start wearing make-up like women, trying to minimize their flaws in our appearance-first society. It seems that men have forgotten, or perhaps never knew, what really matters. Women love to see that bulge (Read this article to learn more on how to improve your game by increasing the size of your bulge).

Yes, the bulge. No, not the belly bulge you beer drinking beast. And, no, not the wallet bulge either, you well-financed braggart. I’m talking about the Zipper Bulge, the Denim Mountain, the Beast Beneath The Sheets, the Cloth Cave Where The Flesh Snake Sleeps. Whatever you call it, women grin to see a big bulge in your pants. Now, gentlemen, keep reading before you go stuffing a sock in your shorts.

Women are playful, love to be teased, and have vivid imaginations. So it shouldn’t be any surprise to you when you catch a lady eyeing your crotch (side-note: women are extremely sneaky in this and you won’t catch them unless they want you to). A keen eye they have, as well. A proper bulge will show off accents and curves of what’s beneath and women get giddy to see the features that separate head from neck, show curvature or girth. Try going commando someday, it helps show off the edges of your bulge!

Why do this? Why do women love it so? Easy: women are just as sexual as men. What?! I know, you don’t believe it. Should it really be that much of a surprise? We are all humans, the only thing separating man from woman is the flip of a Y to X chromosome. Our phenotype differs so greatly that it obfuscates the fact that our genetic code, our instincts, and even our sexual desires are all inherently human.

Women love to guess what’s behind door number 1, but giving them a clue makes the game even more fun for all parties involved. Even better for them, is noticing the differences in how men present their bulge. Some men *dusts off shoulder* know they have a big bulge and know how to use it to their advantage. Women like to take notice of their posture, their choice of clothing, and the angle they stand in relation to them. All these affect how men produce their bulge. Don’t forget lighting, women are most thrilled when you cast that shadow!

So do women love to see the bulge? Sure. Are there caveats to that? Definitely. For starters, not every woman is straight, some would just rather see almost anything else, not your Fabric Fortress. Secondly, some women are, in fact, humored by the bulge! They are especially humored when men’s jeans are so tight that it is obvious what they are doing. It’s a lot like the girls who bend forward or lift their camera in the air when they take a picture, it is glaring obvious what they are doing and it is almost sad. It feels unauthentic and disturbingly like a compensation tactic for something else they may be missing (maybe a brain). Lastly, some people are modest, asexual, or just focused on other things. So don’t get upset when no one takes notice of your Meat Mound.

Best Way to Suck a Girl’s Clit

hot-pussy-1140722_640Very few men are versed in the art of clitoral stimulation. Most shy away from eating a girl’s pussy altogether, not knowing that it is one of the most passionate and most intimate ways to satisfy a woman. For those who are willing to try, poor technique and a general lack of knowledge lets them down. So the question is: what is the best way to suck a girl’s clit?

Before You Start:

You should understand that the clitoris is the most sensitive part of the woman’s body. When properly stimulated, it can give her intense, body-rocking orgasms. Most men barely get past the clitoral hood as they fumble their way through poor oral performances. Getting your bearings while down there should be the first thing you do so that you know exactly where to lick, suck and nibble.

# 1 NEVER Go Straight to the Clitoris

There is no quicker way to kill the mood than to rush things. Oral sex is an art that requires patience and slow, deliberate foreplay. Set the mood by gently kissing her neck as you slowly make your way to the lower parts of her body. Take your time with her erogenous zones such as the nipples, the stomach, the inner thighs and finally her labia. The key is to get her all riled up by the time you get down there.

# 2 Build Up Sexual Tension

Do not be too forward or direct with your actions until her body literally begs for it. Tease her by gently kissing the insides of her thighs while deliberately brushing your lips over her vagina. You can gently blow some warm air over the clitoris or softly brush your lips against her labia but do not linger. Being verbal also helps a great deal in building sexual tension. Tell her how much you want to taste her or how good she smells. Nothing turns a woman on more than knowing that you want to please her more than anything.

# 3 Ease into It

Do not go rushing into it just yet. Start by long, gentle licks from the base of the vagina to the top of the clitoral hood. Use the broad part of your tongue to languorously lick her vagina from the bottom to the top. The clitoris is the icing on the cake so focus on her sensitive labia first and leave that for later.

Gently suck and nibble on her labia while occasionally flicking a tongue over her clitoral hood. If you are dexterous enough, you can combine sucking and licking at the same time. Remember that her lady parts are extra sensitive so make sure your lips and tongue are constantly wet.

# 4 Follow Her Lead

Although the clitoris is generally a very sensitive spot, different women prefer different types of touches to make them climax. Try a little bit of both the gentle licking and the more urgent licking techniques. Watch her reactions to see if she prefers one or the other. If she pulls your head closer or grinds her pelvis against you, it means that she prefers it harder. If she pulls away slightly, ease up and be gentle about it. If her clitoris is extra sensitive, you can give her more pleasure by gently flicking your tongue around it while ignoring the tip. Usually the extra sensitivity is a bit uncomfortable when touched directly.

If she prefers it hard and fast, you can gently push up the clitoral hood to get more access to her clitoris. Remember, keep everything super wet.

# 5 Lick and Suck

Do not confine yourself to one movement. Combine long and short strokes, vertical and horizontal strokes, and licking and sucking. Keep your jaw relatively slack and find a steady rhythm as you gradually build up speed. If you hit a spot, keep doing what you are doing and DON’T STOP until she comes to a glorious orgasm. Even then, you can keep on licking to give her another orgasm, and another. There is almost no limit to how many times you can make her climax.

Do not be shy in the bedroom when it comes to oral sex. The clitoris is the gateway to giving your woman multiple orgasms if you play your cards right. The most important thing is to make her feel like there is nothing you want more than to taste her all night long.

Foods to Make Your Semen Taste Sweeter

sperm-956480_640Every guy’s sexual fantasy involves being pleasured by a woman’s sexy hands and mouth and having his fluids swallowed by her. This is not a far-fetched dream, since a lot of ladies (and gentlemen) enjoy doing exactly that. The only possible thing that may hinder you from transforming this fantasy into your reality, however, is if you have a salty- or bitter-tasting semen that can turn her off. To counter that disaster, here are the foods to make your semen taste sweeter.
#1. Cinnamon
Let cinnamon be your first shot at having less sour seed. You do not need to consume it in raw – simply putting a spoonful of it in your morning tea will be fine.
#2. Peppermint
Not only can peppermint make your breath fresher, but your sperm as well. The person who will do oral to you may find it minty and better than the original taste.
#3. Pineapple
Ladies who have made their men continuously eat pineapple or drink its juice swear that the semen has become more palatable after a few days.
#4. Berries
Strawberries, mulberries, blueberries – any kind of berry that you can think of will be able to alter the tangibleness of your seed. They are a great source of water too, which are needed to dilute your ejaculation.
#5. Red bell pepper
Fresh red bell peppers are fun and easy to eat, since you just have to wash them before devouring them. Your lover will want to do the same to your junk once you have eaten a fair amount of these peppers.
#6. Papaya
The wonderful benefits of papaya does not stop at being a good laxative. Its sweetness can be ingrained in your semen as well, so be sure to consume more slices than usual before oral time.
#7. Apple
The fruit and its tea version are both helpful in making the sperm taste sweeter. Instead of having chips and drinking coffee, have apples and apple tea throughout the day.
#8. Banana
Banana has enough levels of sugar and vitamins that can modify your semen’s taste. The flavor will be different – good different – that she will not be scared to swallow when you ask her to do so.
#9. Celery
Believe it or not, celery can also make the bitter taste of semen go away, provided that you lots of it a day before you get it on with your woman.
#10. Wheatgrass
Only consume wheatgrass smoothies for several days, and your partner will immediately notice the pleasant taste of your sperm.
#11. Parsley
If your girlfriend refuses to give you a blowjob because of how your juices taste like, eat all the parsley you can get a hold of for one day. Parsley contains chlorophyll, which many people value as a semen flavor changer.

It is wrong to think that eating sugar-filled foods like ice cream, chocolate and the likes will make your semen taste sweeter. Such foods practically do the opposite, as they are unnatural. Everything you need to turn your sperm into a tasty ambrosia that your lover will not be able to get enough of is just in the fresh produce aisle of the supermarket. Try these foods now, and see the difference they can do to your semen.