3 Natural Ways to Increase your Ejaculation Power

Hot girl wanting some ejaculateThere are many reasons why men would want to increase their ejaculation power. One of the reasons is that a strong release increases the possibility of making a baby. Men can try out different techniques to try and boost this power as demonstrated below. However, remember that the mind plays a huge role when it comes to sex related issues.

== Max your Arousal Level ==

You may have noticed this in random instances: in one session you release more than usual. But what you could not understand is why that happens. The possible culprit is your arousal level.
In the instance that you are greatly aroused, your ejaculation power is increased significantly. But to max arousal can be tricky to obtain especially if you have one partner. The sex sessions may not be as interesting as they were a couple of years ago.
Being that as it may, there is really no reason to do anything impulsive like cheating on your woman. The new thrill and excitement will most likely increase your release power, but the consequences could be dire.
Luckily there are safer ways to increase the arousal level regardless of how long you and your partner have been together. It is the oldest trick in the book and works perfect every time.
Foreplay: you may not know this but foreplay has many forms. Many people stick to one form and expect good results in every sex session. In a long term relationship, you may need to broaden your bedroom knowledge.
Here is one type of foreplay that can significantly improve your emission power, it is called tantric foreplay. The idea of this technique is not to rush into orgasm. Instead, first try to prepare your body and thoughts before penetrating your partner.
Example: instead of getting right to it, spend some time looking and admiring each other. Touch each other’s hands and give of some nice sexual gestures such as talking dirty (that is if your partner is into such).

== Exercise ==

It is true that exercise is good for your general health. This one in particular is good for your ejaculation power, it is called edging. With good practice you should be able to release more in multiple sessions.
Edging revolves around self-discipline, without this you will most likely fail. It is quite simple to edge: during sex, bring yourself to the edge of ejaculating then stop.
It may sound simple but when you are in the heat of the moment, all you want to do is spill. That is where discipline comes in. You have to teach yourself to hold on to your juice a little bit longer (for up to 30 minutes).
At the brink of releasing, stop for a moment. Wait for the urge to subside and continue with your business. Be creative during your multiple stops: focus on kissing or switching positions and calm yourself.
Above all, the most important contribution if you wish to shoot your load and more is keeping your body hydrated. Drink lots of water throughout the day (up to 8 glasses). With the right level of arousal and a bit of foreplay, your ejaculation power should be impressive every time.