3 Surefire Ways to Make a Girl Reach Orgasm

female orgasm

How to become the master of the bedroom.

1. When you feel that she is reaching climax stop touching any of erogenous zones, let her excitement drop a bit, so that when you get back to it, you can make it extend to a higher level, again lessen your efforts and start again, if you repeat this four to five times, and then at the end you make her reach climax, this trick will turn out be the most intense climax of her life.

2. Communication is the key, give her your undivided attention.

3. Learn more about her sensitive parts of the body, ask for her feedback and improvise.


The sexual energy is the most powerful energy in the world and to be able to manifest it, is the ultimate skill to procreate the extreme power. Arts of seduction is all about connecting, developing and manifesting the supreme power of the mind, the body, and the spirit.

Julius Caesar, The Emperor of the largest known Empire of the time, when Cleopatra decided to seduce Julius Caesar, she chooses the tool of “happiness” as a seduction tool, So that he would associate her with the happiest moments of his life.

Well for a woman to be truly seductive she had to be intelligent, amusing, beautiful, smelling good, sexy, smooth skin, well behaved, well read, nails painted, toes polished, lips red, legs waxed, and what did a Man have to be? Rich? Not so!

If we say that the Art of seduction is all about connecting, developing and manifesting the supreme power of the mind, the body, and the spirit, then it was equally important for a man to participate fully. He should also be able to understand full nuances, the expert of finesse the way he got seduced, in order to maximize his sexual energy.

There are lots of books written about the Role of the Man. There is a prologue to one of these, so there was a king sitting in his court surrounded by his ministers, and this woman rushes into the court and stood fully naked in front of the court, and thus there was complete mayhem in the court, as she was naked in broad daylight, so people rush to try to cloth her and she stops them saying NO, and narrates that she has decided she will no longer ever wear a stitch of clothing till her wish gets fulfilled.

As the matter of pride, the king told her to proceed, and she told him, that she is fed up, all her life there’s been never been a man, who has taken the trouble to try and satisfy her in bed. The king put out a reward, a man came forward, took that woman away, and the next day the women came back to the king’s court fully dressed up and confirmed that she had been completely satisfied. The king immediately commissioned the man to write his book, All that Man know was “Art of Seduction”.

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There are books which talk about the shifting of erogenous zones of women body part as per the movement of the moon, for instance, the most sensitive part of a woman is her head and her hair on the 14th day of waxing and waning phases of the moon. The most important part of the art of seduction is the perfuming of the body, the hair has to be perfumed with husk, a smell of fresh rain falls on the scorching hot soil. Neck with jasmine, arms with mint, belly button with the very heady musk that draws somebody in, the curve of the waste with very subtle extraction of roses, and the back had to be dotted with little dabs of sandalwood. So you created a trail, to someone to follow, so that to the end of it, you have to be in a banquette of the taste of textures of smells.