Bed Tips: Lasting Longer

Women do not like PE

Many men tend to be insecure of their bed prowess and actually forget that the “ordeal” actually happens to about 30% of men worldwide. There are many speculations of how long one should last in bed with many exaggerating the period for having sex. Well, to shut off such thoughts, a study was conducted in 2005 on 500 couples who used timers to measure the amount of time their partner reached their climax. The average time was inferred to be 5.5 minutes. Sure, most men don’t get to this timeline but it’s nothing that can’t be fixed. Here’s a few tips to help you last longer and make your partner encroached to you.

Bed manners

Sex isn’t just penetration. It’s more of a game, tic-tac-toe if you may. You and your partner should be able to play with a need to have each one of you score. Remember that she comes first and her satisfaction means a clear conscious for you after. Her satisfaction doesn’t come from your thrusting skills or your number one organ, no. Her body should be your target. Perform a good foreplay on her and make her body ache for your essence even without penetration. Some women even find non-penetration more satisfying and some even reach their climax then. During sex, let her take the lead and get on top of you. This way she’s able to control the level of penetration and get you where she’d want you more unlike when you thrust in her and have a hard time finding to her G-spot, some really struggle, and end up coming before you do. Communicating during is also key as you’re able to let each other know what really sticks for the both of you and what doesn’t. An open atmosphere relaxes your nerves making your performance great. In the end, you’ll become her favorite craving.


Kegel exercises work out your pelvic floor muscles so good you never have to think of another solution to premature ejaculation issues. Your pubococcygeal (PC) muscles are the once responsible when you do a stunt in the urinal when cutting off then letting your urine flow over and over. A good way to work out on them raising your testicles and hold them while counting to ten. You can do this anywhere, you know. You can also google other kegel exercises to better work on those muscles. Strong PC muscles means lasting longer in bed and better ejaculatory control.


Some sex therapists recommend masturbating two or three hours before having sex. Practicing how delay your climax during masturbation is an effective way to control your ejaculation and as such your body is able to control your orgasm response and make you last longer. During intercourse itself, you distract yourself and think of mundane things like the color of the wall or even do math overhead so that your mind isn’t focused on just the penetration. Pressing the tip of your head or the lower part of your penis also helps as this would prevent a bit blood flowing to it. This is at times painful if a lot of pressure is applied to the penis. This technique helps you to momentarily reduce the sexual tension after which you are able to continue making her feel your magic.